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1993-97 Remove And Replace Optispark Distributor Camaro Firebird

The Problem: The 93-97 optispark distributor commonly malfunctions on higher mileage vehicles or if you get it wet. Some people notice immediate problems with the optispark after washing their engine. The Procedure: You will start with disconnecting your negative battery terminal. Then remove all the intake tubing, elbow, maf, etc. Then remove your ICM bracket along with the coil (they are connected as one) which is held by two nuts/bolts [14 or 15mm] along with the ground wires). Of course, unplug all of the connections going to the coil and ICM prior to removing them. [red dots indicate the...

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Remove And Install The Chevy LT1 350 Crank Hub And Pulley

Supplies you will need: – SBC damper puller – 5/8 Socket – Ratchet – Torque Wrench – Breaker Bar – Spare Bolt and Washer Removing the LT1 Crankshaft Hub For a manual transmission, the only thing required to do is put the car in 5th gear and pull the e-brake. If you have an automatic transmission you need to keep the engine from turning. I chained up the crank hub to the frame but their are several ways of doing this. Using a breaker bar and 5/8 socket, loosen and remove the crank bolt and remove the chain. Rotate...

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